Furniture factory Meblissimo

Soft furnishings are the face of the whole house, due to them creates a pleasant, comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Our company has long specialized in high quality manufacturing of upholstered furniture, comfortable beds, corners, multifunctional chairs, beds and other

Our factory of upholstered furniture offers customers a product in different colors, styles and sizes in our catalog even the most demanding customer will find in it everything you need.

Upholstered furniture from TM Meblissimo is the best solution!

Detailed information about the factory of upholstered furniture

Furniture factory has an extensive network of furniture stores in major cities of our country.

They employ highly qualified and professional staff that in case of need will always come to You for help, and tell you what furniture for your case to choose.

Huge demand is soft furniture to order, as well as the one stored in warehouses and sold at reduced prices because that is a big hit last season.

Our company offers its services through an online store, you just need to leave the application on our website and professionals will contact you shortly to discuss all details of the order.

The factory of upholstered furniture

The products that our factory produces furniture that meets the highest quality standards and has all necessary certificates.

In our company goes through a full production cycle, which begins with the cutting of the wood, and at the final stage, the sale of the finished product.

During production we use only precious wood, thus increasing the service life of furniture.

Most fittings and various parts produced in our part from verified permanent partners.

Choosing our furniture, you decide, because our furniture is made EN masse, or upholstered furniture is quality and durability.

We are always ready to offer their services to customers who return in one day with the help of our services.

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